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Terms and Conditions


Canceled orders require compensation for incurred costs and related obligations at the time of cancellation. Due to the speed of our turnaround, you may only cancel a job the same business day you place your order. Clients are responsible for all costs incurred to jobs canceled before our evening cutoff time of 3pm the day the order was placed. No refunds will be given for orders canceled after 6pm of the same business day the order was placed. All sales are final. Refunds are not available on orders unless files have not been prepared for printing and production has not commenced.

Payment Terms

Schedule INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN strives to print all Clients' jobs according to our published schedule. INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN reserves the right to adjust the schedule and/or charge additionally in the event that the Client fails to meet the agreed upon deadlines for delivery of information, materials, approvals, payments, and for changes and additions to the services outlined in the Client’s original order. The printing turnaround times listed on this site are only estimates. In the unlikely event that INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN is late with the job, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN liability shall be limited to a 10% discount towards the client's next job, but the customer must request this credit. In no event will INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN or its licensees assume liability for any damages beyond those set forth in this paragraph, or for any general, consequential, or special damages that are claimed to follow by reason of the lateness.

ALL orders must be prepaid due to the speed of our turnaround.


Prices posted on this website are subject to change without notice.

Written estimates are good for 30 days. An estimate not accepted within 30 days may be changed.

Accuracy of Specifications

Quotations is based on the accuracy of the specifications provided. INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN can re-quote a job at the time of submission if the art does not conform to the information on which the original estimate was based. Orders placed with INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN are to the client's knowledge correct, and there are no conditions or agreements relating to the order which are not written or accompanying said order.

Pre-designed Artwork

INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN is not liable for the accuracy of any "pre-designed" artwork submitted by the Client. It is the Client's sole responsibility to proofread artwork and submit to INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN materials, which are fully approved and print ready.

When placing a gang run order your final piece MAY be 1/8th" smaller than actual order size

When reordering, colors MAY be slightly different then original order. If files are submitted and do not meet our bleed specifications, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN reserves the right to add a border to the file(s). If files are submitted in RGB mode, you are authorizing INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN to convert the file(s) to CMYK mode. (Converting files from RGB to CMYK will cause color shifting) If we only receive one file for an order, we will assume that file is to be used for printing on both sides. We will only accept files emailed to or uploaded through our website.

Design Services

INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN agrees to provide the client all agreed graphic design and print services specified by client's order. The client shall be responsible for any and all fees in connection with such design services plus any reasonable and related additional services. INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will keep the Client informed of additional services that are required and obtain the Client's prior approval for any services that cause the total fees to exceed those outlined in the order form. Upon completion of the design, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will provide the Client with a proof via web which shall be used by the Client. This layout is not intended as an exact color proof. An email or written agreement will be given to INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN by the agreed upon time and date to ensure the delivery date of the final product. The Client is 100% responsible for payment of their job after email or written agreement has been given to INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN. INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN is not liable for errors in the Client's artwork or ad copy after the approval, as it is the Client's sole responsibility to insure the content of the proof conforms to their original design.

Please review artwork and reply to this email with approval or revisions.

YOUR JOB WILL NOT GO TO PRINT WITHOUT APPROVAL BY E-MAIL. Please check artwork carefully including spelling, dates and phone numbers etc. Innovative Concepts & Designs is not liable for errors in the artwork or ad copy after print, as it is the client’s sole responsibility to insure the content of the proof conforms to their original design. Note: due to variations in the printing process, this proof may not be an exact color match to printed material. Innovative Concepts & Designs / Atlantic Printworks will do everything possible to meet your deadline, but delivery times are approximate and can not be guaranteed.

Alterations / Corrections

Client alterations must be specified in writing and must include all corrections or changes from the original specifications. Such work will be charged at our current rates. INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN can not be held responsible for any mistake in alterations communicated verbally.

Rights and Ownership

All tangible materials in all circumstances remain the property of INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN. All rights and ownership apply to preliminary concepts, works in progress, and finished material, whether the project is completed or canceled. The Client will be entitled to limited and specific usage rights of such materials only for the purpose of reproduction, after which all materials will be returned, unaltered, to INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN within thirty (30) days of use. Upon Client's payment of all fees and expenses, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will grant all reproduction and/or usage rights for all approved final materials created by INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN for this project. If the Client wishes to make any additional use of the materials, the Client agrees to seek permission from INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN and make such payments as are approved by the parties at that time. Where alterations or retakes are necessary, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will be given the opportunity to make such changes at an agreed additional charge.


All Jobs are "gang printed". INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will reproduce color as closely as possible, but cannot exactly match color and density because of limitations in the printing process, as well as neighboring image ink requirements. Because there are a variety of cards and sizes run on a gang run, the ability to control color on press, depending on the positioning of your card, is extremely limited. This should be considered with submission critical color jobs. The accuracy of each color reproduction is guaranteed to be within 80-85% of the original work submitted. Please note if proofing over the web, the color is not accurate due to areas outside our control and yours, including but not limited to calibration of printers, monitors, proof stock and ink, color spectrum regarding range of colors and line screen. The alternative is for your job to run on its own. Please contact us for a price quotation.

Workmanship Guarantee

INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN guarantees all orders to be within "gang run" specs and to be free of defects in workmanship. If any order does not match the generally accepted trade standards , we will reprint the same exact files only or issue the customer a credit at our discretion.


Because of other limitations with the Gang-Run printing process, the accuracy of cutting is not guaranteed and by placing an order with INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN you agree to this limitation. The Gang-Run printing process that we use does not include a bleed area for printing, unlike conventional printing. This means that all jobs are printed at the size that is ordered, but they are cut inside slightly to avoid excess from the job next to it. We accept no responsibility for size variations below or above 1/16" to 1/8". Under no circumstances will a reprint be honored for size variations that have occurred during the printing process within these specifications.


INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will normally deliver the exact quantity of goods ordered plus a small additional amount. There is no extra charge for the additional amount. In the event of an under run, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will bill for the actual quantity delivered. The generally accepted trade practice is plus or minus 5%.


INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN reserves the right to tag all orders 2x6 or larger. You may request to have it removed for a cost of $25 per file. Tagline: Print | (443)919-6442 |


In the event the Client requires delivery / shipping, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will send the job using third party companies such as DHL, UPS or a courier service. In the event that a third party shipper is responsible for lateness of or damage to the client's job, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will not be liable for any resulting damages. Charges for delivery of materials and supplies from the client or the clients’ supplier to INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN are not included in quotations unless specified.

Shipping & Postal Delivery Times

INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN has no control over the U.S. Postal Service, Delta Dash, United Parcel Service or any other common carriers' delivery schedules and cannot guarantee when mail or shipments deposited with or released to these carriers will be delivered.

Postal Regulations

You are 100% responsible for complying with current postal regulations.

Right to Refuse

Our print company reserves the right to use its sole discretion in refusing to print anything it deems improper or known to be illegal. Client expressly understands that INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN, its subsidiaries, agents, employs and/or parent company, is not liable for any damages resulting from unwitting violation of copyright laws or illegal use of trade names or slogans. The Client represents and guarantees they have proper and legal title of all matter (of any form) submitted to our print company for printing and/or publication. Client further understands INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will rely upon such representation as grounds to engage in the mass printing and/or publication of Client’s material.


In the event that an error is discovered in the Client's job after printing, Client bares sole financial responsibility and must pay in full for the job. Client agrees that, in the event INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN is liable for an error in quality of print in the Client’s card, liability shall be limited to full credit for the re-print of the client's job no later than one (1) week after submission of claim letter by Client. To qualify for a credit, client must submit a claim in writing to INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN within three (3) days of receipt of the job. In no event will INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN or its licensees be liable for any damages beyond those set forth in this paragraph, or for any general, consequential or special damages that are claimed to follow by reason of the error.

INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN is not liable for failure to print the Client's job because of flood, fire, riots, strikes, national holidays, and shortages of material, orders of government, failure of transportation, illness, acts of god or other causes beyond the control of INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN.

In such an event, this agreement will be suspended during the period of inability to perform and the terms extended for a like period. Neither party shall be liable to the other because of this suspension.


The customer will indemnify and hold harmless the printer, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN, its subsidiaries, agents, employees, officers and/or parent company, from any and all loss, cost expense, and damages on any and all manner of claims, demands, actions and proceeding that may be instituted, whether known or unknown, against INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN on the grounds that said printing violates any copyright or any proprietary right of any person or entity.

Billing Penalties

There will be a $35 charge for all returned checks.


The Client will provide INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN with samples of each printed or manufactured design. INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN reserves the right to distribute free samples of the Client's printed material. INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN Media may use your product for samples or advertising purposes.

Will Call

Will Call orders will be kept for 30 days from the delivery of the notification phone call. Orders left at INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN for more than 30 days will be considered abandoned and be recycled.

By placing an order with INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN, you are agreeing to all of our terms and conditions.

For questions or concerns please call (443) 919-6442.