DESIGN / DESIGNER TERMS of Print, Design & Schedule

Pre-designed Artwork

is not liable for the accuracy of any "pre-designed" artwork submitted by the Client.
It is the Client's sole responsibility to
proof read artwork and submit to INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN
materials, which are fully approved and print ready.


All job must be in by 3pm, and will be ready the next day anytime
after 6pm the following day.

email all jobs to ::


POSTERS (13x19) .....$1.89each 25 min | SAME DAY
2x3.5 Business Cards 500 .......$67 | Fri PRINT ONLY
2x3.5 Business Cards - 5k

........$160 | NEXT DAY PRINT

3x4 and 2x6 Postcards - 5k .......$220 | NEXT DAY PRINT
4x6 Postcards -5k .......$270 | NEXT DAY PRINT
6x8 and Larger -5k .......$440 | NEXT DAY PRINT
Brochure and Menu -5k .......$Call
4x9 Door Hangers - 5k .......$540 | 4 DAY PRINT
3x6 VEGAS FLYERS -5k .......$190 | NEXT DAY PRINT
1,000 POSTER 13x19 .......$799 | NEXT DAY PRINT

(all job deisgn & print ready, in by 12 noon, pick up after 6pm
must be paid in full )

100 POSTCARDS/FLYERS 4x6 .......$40
250 POSTCARDS/FLYERS 4x6 .......$70


1000 POSTCARDS/FLYERS 4x6 .......$175
250 CD COVERS - .......$95
250 TICKRTS .......$69
6x8 | 100 .......$Call
6x8 | 250 .......$110
6x8 | 500 .......$190
6x8 | 1000


* Price are subject to change :: * Please call for custom jobs


In order to obtain the best
possible quality for your print job, please review the
the following GUIDELINE for prepairing your file::

-Accepted file type :: .jpeg, .eps, .tif, .pdf .
-Minimum file resolution is 300 DPI.
-All file must be CMYK.
-Please all 1/8 of an inch (safe area) for cutting.
-The best 4 color "BLACK FOR BACKGROUND: Cyan 40%
Magenta 40% & Black 100%
- All files must be " Flattened."
- Fonts & images should be enbedded in the file.
-No Bleeds

Innovative design is required to change a $25 set-up fee for files that need to be
correct. Please note that incorrect files can delay your turnaround time.
Please name your files in the following format:

All jobs must be recieved before 8pm with 50% Deposit
for process, print & pick up for the next business day. AFTER 6PM


When placing a gang run order your final piece MAY be 1/8th"
smaller than actual order size

  • When reordering, colors MAY be slightly different then original order.
  • If files are submitted and do not meet our bleed specifications,
    reserves the right to add a border to the file(s).
  • If files are submitted in RGB mode, you are authorizing
    to convert the file(s) to CMYK mode. (Converting files from RGB to
    CMYK will cause color shifting)
  • If we only receive one file for an order, we will assume that file is to be used
    for printing on both sides.
  • We will only accept files emailed to or
    uploaded through our website.

Canceled orders require compensation for incurred costs and related obligations at the time of cancellation. Due to the speed of our turnaround, you may only cancel a job the same business day you place your order. Clients are responsible for all costs incurred to jobs canceled before our evening cutoff time of 3pm the day the order was placed. No refunds will be given for orders canceled after 6pm of the same business day the order was placed. All sales are final. Refunds are not available on orders unless files have not been prepared for printing and production has not commenced.

Because of other limitations with the Gang-Run printing process, the accuracy of cutting is not guaranteed and by placing an order with INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD you agree to this limitation. The Gang-Run printing process that we use does not include a bleed area for printing, unlike conventional printing. This means that all jobs are printed at the size that is ordered, but they are cut inside slightly to avoid excess from the job next to it. We accept no responsibility for size variations below or above 1/16" to 1/8". Under no circumstances will a reprint be honored for size variations that have occurred during the printing process within these specifications.

Overruns/Under runs
INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD will normally deliver the exact quantity of goods ordered plus a small additional amount. There is no extra charge for the additional amount. In the event of an under run, INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN will bill for the actual quantity delivered. The generally accepted trade practice is plus or minus 5%.
INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD reserves the right to tag all orders 2x6 or larger. You may request to have it removed for a cost of $25 per file. Tagline: Print | 410. 276. 4206 |

Accuracy of Specifications

Quotations is based on the accuracy of the specifications provided.INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD can re-quote a job at the time of submission if the art does not conform to the information on which the original estimate was based. Orders placed withINNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD are to the client's knowledge correct, and there are no conditions or agreements relating to the order which are not written or accompanying said order.

Alterations / Corrections
Client alterations must be specified in writing and must include all corrections or
changes from the original specifications. Such work will be charged at our current rates.INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD
can not be held responsible for any
mistake in alterations communicated verbally.

Rights and Ownership
All tangible materials in all circumstances remain the property ofINNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD. All rights and ownership apply to preliminary concepts, works in progress, and finished material, whether the project is completed or canceled. The Client will be entitled to limited and specific usage rights of such materials only for the purpose of reproduction, after which all materials will be returned, unaltered, toINNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD within thirty (30) days of use. Upon Client's payment of all fees and expenses,INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD will grant all reproduction and/or usage rights for all approved final materials created byINNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD for this project. If the Client wishes to make any additional use of the materials, the Client agrees to seek permission fromINNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD and make such payments as are approved by the parties at that time. Where alterations or retakes are necessary,INNOVATIVE CONCEPT & DESIGN// PRINTWORKS MD will be given the opportunity to make such changes at an agreed additional charge.

2125 Boston St Baltimore MD 21231 |Phone 443.803.7346 | 410. 276. 4206